Product ID: CON-C-DP-UHR

Brand: G&D

The VisionXS-DP-UHR series extenders 
transmit compressed and pixel-perfect high-resolution 4K video signals at 60 Hz. Due to the particularly compact design and tailored mounting solutions, the available space (especially in the rack) can be used optimally.

DisplayPort1.2 image data is processed pixel-perfectly and with very good hand-eye coordination using bluedec (G&D's advanced compression method).

An extender system consists of a computer module (CPU) and a user module (CON) and enables a computer to be operated from a greater distance.


  • bluedec™ – advanced developed compression algorhythm of the latest generation for best video quality and latency-free transmission
  • Resolution up to
  • 4096 × 2160 @ 60 Hz (4K2K/60Hz), 
  • 2560 × 1440 @ 144 Hz,
  • 1920 × 1080 @ 240 Hz (Full HD/240Hz)  


  • Embedded stereo audio (DisplayPort Digital, 2 channel LPCM, AC3, DTS)
  • GenericUSB support for USB classes HID (Human Interface Device) and mass storage
  • The product allows the use of a GenericUSB devices via a console module. For this, both the used console module and the used computer module must support the use of a GenericUSB device.


  • Over CAT-x cable
  • Distances up to 140 m


  • Efficient mounting solutions that require less screws save space, time and costs
  • Particularly small design


  • Multilingual on-screen display for configuration and operation
  • Web application Config Panel 21 for configuration, monitoring and updates (NEW: in multiple languages)

Security features

  • Screen-Freeze: If the console module loses the video signal due to a broken connection or a problem with the computer's graphics card, the Screen-Freeze function "freezes" the last displayed image of the monitor. This state is highlighted by a red semi-transparent frame. The function is automatically cancelled when an active video signal exists again.
  • The 2-factor authentication (2FA) is included as standard with KVM extenders and provides a higher level of security by ensuring that only authorized users have access to the system.This involves the use of a Time-Based-One-Time-Password (TOTP) which is a password valid for a limited time and can be applied only once. Authenticator apps or hardware tokens can be used. Likewise, you can freely select whether you want to employ the internal authentication server provided in the device or an external directory service.

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