Introducing Adder AIMAssist. Stay Connected. Stay in Control.

Introducing Adder AIMAssist. Stay Connected. Stay in Control.

29 Dec, 2023

In the pulsating heartbeat of time-critical scenarios, where every second feels like an eternity, the need for seamless operations becomes paramount. Imagine orchestrating a live broadcast where each moment carries the weight of the world's attention or commanding a mission where success hinges on split-second decisions. In these crucial moments, downtime is not just inconvenient—it's unthinkable.

It's precisely for scenarios like these that we introduce AIMAssist, a game-changing professional services offering that delivers around the clock, prioritized support for your ADDERLink® INFINITY Manager and all attached transmitters and receivers.

The Clock Never Stops, Neither Do We:

In mission-critical environments where timing is the linchpin of success, AIMAssist provides 24/7 telephone support, ensuring that professional support from experts is just moments away.

Four-Hour Lifeline:

Every second lost in downtime is a potential setback. AIMAssist guarantees a four-hour callback, an assurance that resonates louder in the world of time-sensitive operations. This rapid response is there to keep your operations on track, regardless of the pressures at play.

Priority in the Fast Lane:

AIMAssist gives you a prioritized position in our callback queue, ensuring that your concerns are addressed with the urgency they deserve. It's not just support; it's a commitment to keeping your mission-critical endeavors in motion.

Regular Health Checks:

Fast-paced operations not only demand urgency, but also foresight and proactivity. With AIMAssist's regular and scheduled remote check-ins, our team of expert engineers become your strategic partners, ensuring that your IP KVM network not only operates but thrives at its full capacity.

These sessions act as proactive pit stops - virtually checking in, helping you fine-tune your KVM performance, and helping to identify any potential challenges before they evolve. This ensures that your operations remain seamless, your team stays focused, and your network performs at its absolute best.

Stay Connected and Stay in Control with AIMAssist from Adder

AIMAssist is not just a support service; it's your partner in urgency and your safeguard against unforeseen disruptions.

Ready to transform urgency into opportunity? Get in touch and discover how AIMAssist can redefine the way you navigate time-sensitive scenarios