Product ID: vision-cat-ar-con

Brand: G&D

Extenders of the DP1.2-Vision series 
extend high-resolution 4K video signals at 60 Hz compressed and pixel-perfect over every video channel.

With their network port, web interface and monitoring functions, the extenders offer important features for mission-critical applications.

An extender system consists of a computer module (CPU) and a console module (CON) and lets you operate a computer from a great distance.


  • bluedec™ – advanced developed compression algorhythm of the latest generation for best video quality and latency-free transmission
  • E-DDC support
  • Resolution up to
  • 4096 × 2160 @ 60 Hz (4K2K/60Hz), 
  • 2560 × 1440 @ 144 Hz,
  • 1920 × 1080 @ 240 Hz (Full HD/240Hz)  


  • Full keyboard/mouse emulation
  • Transparent audio signals (stereo, analog)
  • Embedded stereo audio (DisplayPort Digital, 2 channel LPCM)
  • Transparent RS232 (max. 115,200 bps)


  • Over CAT-x cable
  • Distances up to 140 m


  • Ident LED for quick location of the device in complex installations


  • Connect operating hardware and monitor with the corresponding interfaces of the workstation module
  • Further steps for commissioning see manual

System update

  • Updating via Config Panel 21 (HTML5, Java-free, optimized operation)

Security features

  • With the Monitoring function, you can auto-output device status messages to Syslog servers or SNMP. The web interface lets you monitor the device manually.
  • Screen-Freeze: If the console module loses the video signal due to a broken connection or a problem with the computer's graphics card, the Screen-Freeze function "freezes" the last displayed image of the monitor. This state is highlighted by a red semi-transparent frame. The function is automatically cancelled when an active video signal exists again.

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