Product ID: MUX3-ATC

Brand: G&D

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The KVM switch DP1.2-MUX3-ATC 
lets you operate up to three computers with DisplayPort 1.2 via one console.

Thanks to the newly developed instant switching technology, the switching process between computers is done in real time and takes place either via the push buttons on the front panel, configurable key combinations or a serial device.


  • Native 4K resolution at 60 Hz
  • Uncompressed, lossless transmission in 1:1 performance, pixel perfect, latency free (zero delay) transmission, no frame drops, no tearing with a perfect hand eye coordination  
  • Efficient image data compression (fall-back compression) can be activated for emergency operation (for example, if single transmission lines fail, the bandwidth may be reduced in a way that uncompressed transmission can no longer be ensured)


  • Full keyboard/mouse emulation
  • Embedded audio (DisplayPort Digital, unidirectional)
  • Transparent audio signals (stereo, analog)
  • USB 3.1 gen1 with SuperSpeed, all USB classes 


  • To operate up to 3 computers via one console
  • The computers connected to the KVM switch are operated centrally at the workstation.
  • The workstation is equipped with a keyboard, mouse and a monitor.
  • Switching between computers is done either via the buttons on the front of the KVM switch, via configurable key combinations on the keyboard, SNMP, OnScreen display, webinterface, IP-Control or external serial device.

System update

  • Updating via Config Panel 21 (HTML5, Java-free, optimized operation)

Security features

  • Screen-Freeze: If the console module loses the video signal due to a broken connection or a problem with the computer's graphics card, the Screen-Freeze function "freezes" the last displayed image of the monitor. This state is highlighted by a red semi-transparent frame. The function is automatically cancelled when an active video signal exists again.
  • automatic channel switching in case of signal failure
  • dual network connection
  • redundant power supply
  • comprehensive proactive diagnostics by monitoring and SNMP
  • web application Config Panel 21 for displaying of the Monitoring values

Operation features

  • Thanks to the newly developed instant switching technology the switching process between computers is done in real time.

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