Product ID: Compact-176C

Brand: G&D

With a ControlCenter-Compact central module, 
you can operate many computers over many workstations. KVM matrix systems help you to handle complex IT infrastructures easily and intuitively. Benefit from the advantages wherever large distributed installations and decentralized operation and administration are required – e.g. in a wide variety of control room applications.

Thanks to Dynamic Port technology, you can flexibly use all ports as input or output for connecting computer modules or console modules.

Matrix systems consist of three components: a central module, computer modules (CPU) and console modules (CON). You will find computer and console modules for all common video signals and including numerous outstanding features in our KVM portfolio. Many modules are compatible with each other and can be "mixed" in a matrix system.


  • Over CAT-x cable
  • Distances up to 140 m


  • Accesses only the computers' standard interfaces
  • Requires no software installation
  • The dynamic ports of the ControlCenter-Compact are usable for computer or user modules; the ControlCenter-Compact identifies automatically if a computer module or console module is connected 
  • Hot-pluggable system components
  • channel grouping: In addition to combining multiple computers to a console, the central module also supports multi-monitor workstations for computers with several video outputs. Here, multiple channels can easily be combined as channel groups.
  • As always, you can administrate all functions in the ControlCenter-Compact web interface. In addition to multiple screens, you can include other signals in these groups. The system also transmits and switches transparent USB2.0 signals as well as RS232.
  • USB pinning: If multiple ports are grouped as multi-channel configuration, the USB pinning function enables you to hold the USB transmission on the current computer even when switching to another channel. In this case the USB transmission is not interruped but transmitted to the end. 
Security features
  • boot loader, operating system and firmware  form a trusted computing platform to protect the system against third-party manipulations
  • integrated Trusted Platform Module (TPM) protects any access and configuration data against exposure with  RSA encryption process
  • failover connection (if the central module fails, you can establish a direct connection between user module and computer module and still operate the system)
  • redundant power supply
  • Redundant network interface
  • With the Monitoring function, you can auto-output device status messages to Syslog servers or SNMP. The web interface lets you monitor the device manually.
  • support of external authentication via LDAP, Active Directory, TACACS+, Radius
  • access protection and user management can be switched off
Operation features
  • auto-recognition and display of the system structure
  • configuration over web interface
  • central update of all components over network
  • support of AMX Crestron control

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