ADDERView® Secure AVS 4214
ADDERView® Secure AVS 4214

ADDERView® Secure AVS 4214 Dual-head 4-port 4K KVM switch

Product ID: AVS-4214

Brand: ADDER Technolog...

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Secure KVM switch for sharing single or dual-head 4K video, USB keyboard and mouse, plus analog audio between four computers spanning multiple security classification levels.

ADDERView® Secure switches enable a KVM plus audio desktop to be shared between different classification level computers. Designed for superior usability, the switches feature configurable LED buttons and a real-time status display.


No Shared RAM Between Ports

The keyboard and mouse processor is powered down and reset at each switchover to thwart shared RAM leakages. All data buffers are actively cleared once they have been used.

Automatic Switching (Configuration)

Switch channels (KVM plus audio) simply by moving the mouse across the screen border, whilst pressing the Ctrl key.

Hardware Anti-Tampering

Holographic anti-tampering labels protect the product’s enclosure, providing a clear visual indication if it has been opened or compromised.

Restricted USB Function

The USB ports will only accept HID (Human Interface Devices), such as keyboards and mice. Other devices, such as USB storage drives, are actively prohibited.

Audio Hold

Assign the audio port to a specific computer while switching the KVM to other computers. Useful when a user needs to listen to audio from one computer, whilst working on another.

Uni-Directional Audio

Enforces computer-to-speaker, one-way flow of sound through uni-directional optical data diodes. Prevents eavesdropping and line-in re-tasking by blocking speaker-to-computer communication.

Industry Recognized

NIAP PP 4.0 Certified, TAA Compliant, Assembled in the USA


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Maximum Resolution 3840 x 2160
Frame Rate 60
Colour Depth

8 bpc

Computer Connections

USB B 4× 2.0 HID Emulation
Dual Port (DP+HDMI) 8× 1.2 (dual mode)

Console Connections

USB A 2× 2.0 HID Emulation
Dual Port (DP & HDMI) 2× 1.2 (dual mode)

Serial Ports

Serial Connection
Serial Standard RS232
Serial Connection Type (console) RJ12 (6p6c)

Audio Connections

Audio Type Analog
Channels 2
Audio In Ports 1× 3.5mm jack
Audio Out Ports 1× 3.5mm jack
Audio Direction Output only

Network Support

10/100 Support No


Operating Temperature 0 - 40 °C / 32 - 104 °F
Storage Temperature -20 - 60 °C / -4 - 140 °F
Operating Humidity (%) 0% - 80% (non-condensing)
Storage Humidity (%) 0% - 80% (non-condensing)
Temperature Regulation Fanless

Power Source

12V 3-pin
Input Power Supply PSU 2.5A
Power Additional Information 100 - 240V AC, 47/63Hz12V DC 30W output from power supply unit

Physical Design

Construction Material Robust metal construction
Width 344mm / 13.54in
Height 61mm / 2.4in
Depth 165mm / 6.50in
Weight 2kg / 4.41lb

Front Panel Features

Multi color status LEDs
E-Paper Display


OS Compatibility Windows, Linux, macOS, All known operating systems

Approvals and Standards

Approvals CE, cTUVus, FCC, UKCA
Standards EN/IEC 62368-1, EN55032 /CISPR 32, EN55035/CISPR 35, EN63000, FCC pt15B

Ordering Information

Code Description
AVS-4214 ADDERView Dual head secure 4-port switch
1× 4 port switch
1× Power supply unit with universal mains cable
1× Quick start guide



























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