ADDERLink® X200
ADDERLink® X200

ADDERLink® X200 VGA USB KVM extender over CatX

Product ID: X200

Brand: ADDER Technolog...

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ADDERLink X200s have been designed for use in applications where up to two computers can have their keyboard, video, audio and mouse control extended up to 200m (650 ft.) across CAT5 or higher UTP cable.

The ADDERLink X200 provides absolute real time keyboard and mouse performance along with hi-definition, hi-resolution video over a VGA interface. The ADDERLink X200 receiver can also be used as a remote user station for the ADDERView CATx range of KVM switches.

Product codes
X200/R; X200A/R; X200AS/R; X200-USB/P; X200A-USB/P; X200AS-USB/P

Video Resolution

1600 x 1200 at distances up to 200 m/650 ft

Extension Distance

Up to 200 m/650 ft. using CATx cable (x=5,5e,6)

Devices Supported

Supports computers with USB style keyboard and mice, flat-screen and CRT style monitors with standard HDD-15 video connectors and optional audio through 3.5 mm audio jack.

O/S Compatability

All known software and operating systems including Windows (all), DOS, Linux, Unix, BSD, Sun OS, Solaris, Mac OS, NetWare etc.

Connectors (USB CAM)

Video: HDD-15 Optional audio: 3.5 mm jack
Keyboard, Mouse: USB type A CATx: RJ45 connector

Connectors (X200 remote unit)

Video: HDD-15 Optional audio: 3.5 mm jack
Keyboard, Mouse: USB Type A CATx: 2 x RJ45 connector
Power2.5 mm DC jack

Physical (USB CAM)

Combination of plastic enclosure and cables.
Enclosure: 64 mm/2.5 in. x 45 mm/1.8 in. x 25 mm/1 in.
Cables: 340 mm/13.4 in. long

Physical (X200 remote unit)

All metal case, 172 mm/6.8 in. x 26 mm/1 in. x 75 mm/3 in. 430 g/1 lb.

Power Supply

100 - 240VAC 50/60Hz (X200 remote unit only)

Order Codes

Remote unit only (X200)

X200/R-XX (100 m/330 ft, no audio/de-skew)
X200A/R-XX (100 m/330 ft, audio, no de-skew)
X200AS/R-XX (200 m/650 ft, audio/de-skew)

Remote unit (X200) with CAM (computer access module)

X200-USB/P-XX (X200 USB receiver with CATX-USB computer access module)
X200A-USB/P-XX (X200A USB receiver  with CATX-USBA computer access module)
X200AS-USB/P-XX (X200AS USB receiver with CATX-USBA computer access module)

XX= Mains Lead Country Code:
UK = United Kingdom
US = United States
EURO = Europe
AUS = Australia

Additional Computer Access Modules (for second computer)

CATX-USB (USB computer access module)
CATX-USBA (USB computer access module with audio)
CATX-PS2 (PS2 computer access module)
CATX-PS2A (PS2 computer access module with audio)
CATX-SUNA (Computer access module with audio for Sun)



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