ADDERLink® INFINITY ALIF2020 Dual Head DVI KVM Extender over IP

Product ID: ALIF2020

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Dual-head digital video, audio, and USB2.0 over 1GbE IP network.

A high performance KVM extender that allows critical computing hardware to be stored in a secure and temperature-controlled environment, while providing an ‘at-the-PC’ experience across distances up to 20km. The solution can be used as a point-to-point extender or integrated into a matrix system with the ADDERLink® INFINITY Manager (AIM).


Product Features


Perfect Digital Video, Real-Time Control

Using a spatially-lossless encoding system, with 1:1 pixel mapping, ADDERLink INFINITY provides pixel-perfect and color accurate video with no artefacts. The digital video received is the same as the digital video leaving the remote computer.


Standard IP Technology

Using standard IP technology allows a choice of single structured cable (CATx) or fiber connection achieving reliable links without interference. The ADDERLink INFINITY Dual 2020 also offers the option of up to 20km distances with fiber.


Unlimited Extension Distances

Extension distance is not limited to a single 100 meter cable length. If you need to extend further, simply add a 1GbE network device to achieve an additional 100 meters, which can be repeated many times. Also fitted with SFP cages to accept fiber optic transceivers for much greater distances.


Support for Mac Pro® (Dithered Video)

A "dithering" technique seen with graphics cards can give the appearance of a deeper color depth than is true, which can significantly increase the normal video data rates. ALIF2020 has a "Magic Eye" feature which supports dithering without allowing it to degrade overall link performance.


USB 2.0 with Class Control

Supports USB devices including graphics tablets, jog shuttles, joysticks and 3D explorers, alongside mass storage devices. For secure applications, the system can disable the use of non-HID devices, meaning there is no need to physically block USB ports to prevent the use of mass storage devices.



With the addition of the ADDERLink INFINITY management system (AIM) you can turn multiple point-to-point extenders into a scalable digital KVM matrix system that allows any workstation to link with any computer connected to the network. See the AIM datasheet for details.

Video Resolutions

Single Link DVI-D resolutions to a maximum of 1920 x 1200 @ 60Hz

Approvals / Compliance

  • CE
  • FCC


Supports USB2.0 devices (low, full and high speed). Security feature allows the blocking of non HID devices. Isochronous devices are not supported (e.g. USB audio or video devices)

Cable Requirements

Copper (CATx up to 100m/330ft) or fiber (requirements dependent)


0 to 40 deg C / 32 to 104 deg F

Connectors – Local Unit

DVI-D x 2, Audio 3.5mm in, Audio 3.5mm out, USB type B, RS232 9 pin D-Type, SFP slot

Connectors – Remote Unit

Video: DVI-D x 2, Audio 3.5mm in, Audio 3.5mm out, USB type A x 4, RS232 9 pin D-Type, SFP slot


1U compact case, robust metal construction. 198mm/7.92” (w), 44mm/1.76” (h), 150mm/6” (d), 1.1kg/2.7lbs


2.5mm DC jack (power adapter included),100-240VAC 50/60Hz, 0.4A, input to power adapter, 5VDC 12.5W output from power adapter


All known operating systems

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